I, Jesus - An Autobiography


"Focusing solely on the person, purpose, nature and mission of Jesus, this book is needed today more than ever"

Joel Richardson
New York Times best-selling author


How nice it is when a book breaks away from the crowd and sweeps us off on a fun journey to greater understanding of the most important truths of life.

“I Jesus” takes us deep into the heart of the amazing claims of Christ. Claims that sharpen our faith and refreshes our desire to follow Him more faithfully.

As the USA enters the new millennium, the faith of many grows weak as godlessness becomes the national norm. “I, Jesus” is good medicine to cure the faithlessness of Americans because it masterfully leads us into the scriptures from which faith springs.

To stand for Christ is the greatest of all privileges. This book will help us to not only stand, but to stand well.

Drs. Welty and Missler have given the world a fresh new look at the majesty and amazing life of Christ so that, like the Centurion, we too can say “Truly this was the Son of God”.

Bill Finlay

Wild Bill for America


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